The Lightning Girl Fun-dation


The Lightning Girl Fun-dation

The Lightning Girl Fun-dation

CHIX 6 is doing something that no other Broadway musical has done before. We're setting up a program to empower youth through the arts. 

Our first run is at The Queen's Theatre from September 27th- October 30th before entering Broadway in 2012. During this month, we are teaming up with Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP) along with the Harlem Village Academies to create a series of classes at a local middle school in the theme of "being a superhero." Music, dance, writing, and the visual arts will be explored with the cast members before the students make their own metal lunchbox to highlight what they feel being a superhero means.

Choosing a metal lunchbox means a great deal to us. Paintings, sculptures, poems and masks are all kinds of artistic experssions we will explore, but the students are not flat, unforgiving, 2-dimensional canvases. They are strong, expressive and 3-dimensional. These boxes will be a place for them to hold things, to create dreams, expand their future and become the superhero of their own life. The lobby of the Broadway theater where CHIX 6 is performed eight times a week will be adorned with art work created by students from this exciting program

The newly created Lightning Girl Fun-dation needs your support. Please help us instill confidence and inspire the next generation. Donating through First Giving is simple, secure and the most efficient way to contribute directly. We would like to thank ASTEP for being the official Fiscal Sponsor of the Lightning Girl Fun-dation. All donations will be in the name of ASTEP, however they will be used to fund the Lightning Girl Fun-dation.

Thank you so much! We hope to see you in Queens this month!

For more information about both the show, tickets and the Fun-dation at

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