Ryan Dolezan's Fundraising Page


2010 Michiana Walk For Down Syndrome

Notre Dame, Indiana

Ryan Dolezan's Fundraising Page

It is that time of year again! My Mom put this webpage together for me so that we can raise money for a GREAT cause; raising awareness for Down Syndrome!!

This year the Michiana Walk For Down Syndrome will take place on Saturday, October 2nd at Notre Dame, Indiana. This will be my second year to "WALK". In previous years, I have been to little or to sick to walk myself. Now I will be in there with all my other friends walking on my own two feet!

This group has given my Mom so many resources to help me meet my full potential and we really want to give back to the group by asking our friends to help. The group has provided educational toys, books and DVDs for me and they even give my Mom ideas to better understand my development. The support and educational meetings are great!

Please take a moment and decide how you can help support this group and keep it going so that many more families may benefit from this awesome organization! They have been such a tremendous help to me and my family since the day I was born. I still have my first teddy bear, given to me by the group. Through all my illness and surgeries, the Down Syndrome Family Support and Advocacy Group of Michiana has been there for us in so many ways. We are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group. Any amount you can give is appreciated.

If you want to join Ryan's Rock Stars and walk with us, join us on October 2, 2010 at the Notre Dame Stepan Center (Click here for map) Activities start at 10 am and the walk starts at noon! Call my cell if you want to join us! 630-659-6867 (*it is a very short walk for a very tall cause!)

The Down Syndrome Family Support and Advocacy Group(DSFSAG) of Michiana, aka Michiana Down Syndrome, has an all-volunteer Board.  Currently, we have over 180 families in our support group. You can find out all the ways your money is put to work at www.michianadownsyndrome.org

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Ryan Dolezan's Fundraising Page
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