Lindsey Williams's 2012 Boston Marathon Fundraising Page


2012 Boston Marathon ® Running for Cover Team

Lindsey Williams's 2012 Boston Marathon Fundraising Page

Hello Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and Supporters:

Thank you for visiting my Personal Fundraising Page. I am so happy to tell you about my big goal this year:  I am participating in the world famous BOSTON MARATHON on April 16, 2012!  I am totally psyched to be running the Boston Marathon.  It has been a dream of mine.  In past Aprils I have been among the fans cheering the racers along; now I will actually be running (or crawling!!) up Heartbreak Hill!

In recent years I have taken up running as a part of my fitness training and working towards running a marathon.  When deciding which charity I would work to support, the first charity I applied to was the Melanoma Foundation of New England.  I picked this charity in honor of my mom.  My mom, a melanoma survivor, has been a huge supporter of me and my four siblings in everything we do, and I wanted to do something to support her and a cause for which she is passionate.  So, this April I am so proud to say that I will be running with the Melanoma Foundation of New England team.  I will be running to support all others battling skin cancer, the most common cancer experienced by Americans today.  I am honored to not only run the marathon but to support a cause that affects so many people today. 

I realize times are tough, and donations are hard, so any support you are willing to give is wonderful and much appreciated.  Every little bit will help towards my goal.  If you're not able to donate, I know that you will be supporting me and thinking of me as I run 26.2 miles (woah!!) in just a few months.  Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!  And by the way, your contribution is tax deductible.

Thank you again to my mom (and her dermatologist who saved her life) and to my entire familiy and all of my friends/co-workers/extended family for all of your support.  I couldn't get where I am today without you, and I know I won't get through the Boston Marathon this April without your support either.  Everyone has been unbelievably encouraging.  I know I have all of you behind me (yelling "run lindsey!") and I look forward to making you proud!  See you after the race for a celebratory beer!!

Love, Lindsey

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