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Linee Zajic's Page

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My grandmother is my Hero....unfortunately I never got to tell her that.  She died at age 63 of breast cancer.  Grandma's sister died of breast cancer at age 47.  I would find out later that 15 of my grandmother's siblings and their children had also been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was the first one to be tested for the breast cancer gene in my family. I must have had my head in the sand because I was shocked when the test revealed I was BRCA 1 positive.  It wasn't easy hearing that my life time risk for developing breast cancer was as high as 85% and my risk of developing ovarian cancer was as high as 50%.  I didn't quite know what to do with that information.  I didn't know another person who was also BRCA positive.

That was 10 years ago....I was fortunate enough to come across FORCE, an organization dedicated solely to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  I found resources compared to none other.  I found support from women going through exactly what I was going through.  I  found an organization that was advocating for more research and funding for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  I got the information and tools I needed to make decisions that would save me from the devasting disease that ravaged my grandmother and her family.  I believe strongly in paying it forward and that is why I am still dedicated to FORCE and it's mission.  There are still three quarters of a million people whose lives will be affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and they are not aware of it.  I believe it's important to continue raising awareness and educating the community so that lives can be saved. Knowledge is power!

Thank you so much for helping me help FORCE to continue providing life-saving information to our community!


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