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Boston Marathon 2011 - Team GoKids

Boston, Massachusetts

Lisa Corman's Fundraising Page


I'm doing it again! 
I am running the Boston Marathon for the second time in the row, to support GoKids Boston!  This is the last year GoKids Boston can qualify as a Boston Marathon Charity recipient-and I couldn't let this opportunity go by!  In all honesty, I haven't stopped thinking about this amazing experience, ever since I crossed the finish line.
I feel so strongly about all of the great things GoKids Boston can do. Through their research and community outreach programs, they provide participants with personalized instruction and support to become physically active, improve fitness, eat nutritiously, and gain self-confidence. Their particular emphasis is on reducing health-disparities in underserved school-aged children and teens.
Being chosen to run on behalf of GoKids is special to me in numerous ways. As many of you know, I spent the majority of my childhood being inactive and overweight. Running one mile in gym class was a traumatic event for me, one that I would dread weeks prior.   The fact that I am choosing to voluntarily run 26.2 miles is quite a feat-especially two years in a row!!
Because of my history, I truly can see the value in the projects funded by GoKids. From a professional standpoint, being a Registered Dietitian, I enjoy being involved in any project that helps support nutrition education and an overall healthier lifestyle in children, which is so important in the prevention of adult on-set diseases, such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.
 I've made this commitment to training and running the Boston Marathon. Please take this opportunity to support me in my efforts to raise $3700 for GoKids Boston. Your donation will do so much to help support health and fitness in underserved children and teens.
 All donations, no matter how big or small, are so appreciated!!  Unsure how much to pledge??  Consider making a donation of $26.20 in honor of my 26.2 mile run!  Do you prefer kilometers?  That would make it $42.16 in honor of my 42.16 kilometer run!!
Please follow my training triumphs and tribulations at my blog:
 Thank you for helping me reach my fundraising goal!!!




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Lisa Corman's Fundraising Page
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