CHASA Virtual Walkathon


CHASA Virtual Walkathon

CHASA Virtual Walkathon

Welcome to Wyatt's story....

When we were first told that our Wyatt had a stroke before he was born we were devistated, scared, and worried for our little boys future.  Since that day we have learned so much more from doctors, therapisist and mainly from Wyatt. 

Even though the stroke has left him with a disagnosis of left sided hemiparisis cerebal palsy (I know that is a mouthful) and because of this he has some limitations, he is the happiest little boy in the world.  His persistance and ability to adapt and make things work for him is quite simply amazing and he teaches us something every day. 

That being said this type of journey, not only for Wyatt, but for us as his family can at many times be challenging and very lonely.  We try to be very positive and celebrate every single thing that comes so easy to others that we see him struggle with. Sitting on his own, crawling, or holding something with two hands.  Although Wyatt is walking and even running now, it took him over a year longer to do this than his peers.  During that long year, the constant worry of when or even will he be able to do things that come so easily to others, including his brother Caleb, will ever happen for him.   What else will he struggle with going forward.

Those worries are what made me reach out and find this amazing online & local group of families just like ours.  CHASA is a not for profit organization that stands for Children's Hemiplegia and Sroke Association.  These families are such an amazing resource to us to know that we are not alone and to ask questions and find amazing answers to help Wyatt with anything that he might encounter at any and all stages in his life. There are not only parents to talk to and ask questions, but also young adults living with hemiplegia.  There stories and struggles have been invaluable to me.

This group is run completely by volunteers and needs our help to stay out there and continue to be a place for not only the parents of hemi-kids, but the kids themselves.  No kid wants to feel different, and this is a place where kids meet each other and know they are not alone.  This organization is part of my daily life and quite simply I would be lost without it.  I hope you can find it in your heart to help us keep this going so that as more kids are diagnosed with Hemiplegia, they too can find a place to turn too.

We love you and thank you for your help.

Scott, Lisa, Wyatt & Caleb

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