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The 2008 Duluth Stroll for Epilepsy

The Stroll is going to take place in Duluth on August 14, 2008.  We hope you will support us at this event by walking with us and / or sponsoring us in our effort to raise money for a great cause.

Last year more than 1500 people participated in the Stroll for Epilepsy events held in Duluth,  the Twin Cities, St. Cloud, Rochester and Fargo.  Together, more than $222,000 was raised for programs that educate, connect and empower people.  

Our team is walking in honor of 4-year-old Evan who has had epilepsy all his life.  Just a few months ago when his seizures increased to over 400 a month he had a life-changing brain surgery and we aren't seeing seizures any more.  We feel like Evan was given a miracle and a chance at a completely different life.  Although Evan has a success story we hope he can brag about for years to come, there are so many other people still suffering with seizures.

3 million people in this country have epilepsy and luckily 2/3 of them are able to gain seizure control through medication and that is fantastic...however, that means there are still 1 million people in this country alone whose lives are impacted by uncontrolled seizures.  There have been great strides made toward finding better treatments and a cure, but there is still a long, long way to go.

Support the Team:

Lisa, Rob, Aria & Evan Moss
Mabel & Jim Tarlton
Chris, Rick, Ashleigh, Sierra & Niah Fuller
Russ & Rion Waxlax
Jerry Furnish

Amanda Huseby, Layla & Gavin

Jane Huseby
Barbara Crabtree

We want to thank everyone who sponsored our team and also want to make sure we thank our offline doners as well: Sherri Q, Wayne Seidel, Nancy Piersel and Jeff Dickson, Chuck and Jiggs Rathbone, Mary and Pete Schmidt, Pat O'Neil, Joe and Ardell Markitans, The Randgaard Family, Dan and Judy Waxlax, Chris & Rick Fuller, Russ and Alison Waxlax, Barbara Crabtree, Zup's Big Dollar & The Quilt Corner

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Evan just 2 weeks after brain surgery!