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Dan & Lisa Parker's Fundraising Page

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Dan & Lisa Parker's Fundraising Page

Welcome to our donation page!! 

For those of you who have spent anytime with us, I am sure it comes as a little bit of a surprise to you that we are running a 5K!!  We are not runners!  However, due to our competetive nature, when the idea was posed to us, neither one of us wanted to be the one that declined.   So....We have signed up to run the 5k portion of the Dam to Dam race in Des Moines.   

Running a race for enjoyment (who does that???), is not appealing to Dan and I, so we have decided to run this race in honor of our good friend Stephen Satterly's sister, Mary Claire Satterly.  A little over a year ago, she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukemia, and lost her courageous battle only 4 days later.  Mary Claire was 27 years old.

Dan I would like to ask for your sponsorship for the foundation that her Friends & Family have created for her, Mary Claire Satterly Foundation.  (MCSF)  The funds raised will be used to build a children's playroom at the new University of Chapel Hill Cancer Hospital. This will be the first of many projects sponsored by MCSF.

Please learn more about Mary Claire and the foundation at www.mcspirit.org

Thank you in advance for your time and donations!

Dan & Lisa Parker


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Dan & Lisa Parker's Fundraising Page
After Race - May 2009