Team Jared Payne - LaPerche Elementary School Smithfield RI


9th Annual Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day for Autism

Warwick, Rhode Island

Team Jared Payne - LaPerche Elementary School Smithfield RI

Dear Family and Friends:

Wow!  After such a snowy winter can you believe that spring is almost here?  For our family, it also means it’s time to get ready for the 9th Imagine Walk and Family Fun day for the Autism Project of RI.  This year the event is two weeks earlier and will occur on Sunday April 10, 2011 at Goddard Memorial Park.  With everyone’s help, we know Team Jared Payne will be able to reach our goal for the seventh consecutive year! 

Every year as I sit down to reflect on Jared’s accomplishments, it seems so difficult to sum them all up in a few short sentences.  This year is no different, and there seems to be so much more to share! 

Jared has made great strides in his expressive language where every day he tries to say new words.  For many, it may be hard to understand what he is actually saying, but it is a step in the right direction.  And, the best new words we have to share came earlier this year when he repeated back “I Love you” during an unexpected and tearful moment.  As one friend simply stated it is “something every Mom should hear from her child”.  So, you can bet those words are now “practiced” repeatedly every single day!  J

Jared is able to follow simple instructions and likes to help cook and do small chores around the house. His counting skills continue to improve and he is learning to identify not only the actual numbers but the written words as well.  He has also been identifying written words to known objects/pictures and then later learns to spell the words.  And, he just loves typing words on the computer or his ipod!  It is truly amazing to watch him work so hard especially when he does so with a big beautiful smile on his face. 

Also great news is that Jared was FINALLY approved for an augmentative communication device through DynaVox that we should be receiving in the coming weeks.  The best way to describe the Maestro is as a VERY DURABLE IPAD that will help Jared communicate his wants/needs to all of us on a daily basis. 

Jared also continues to struggle with his social skills and requires around the clock supervision.   But, Jared also has the best little brother and number one fan, Matthew who is always there for him! J

So now knowing all the hard work and accomplishments Jared has made this year, would you be willing to make a donation in his name to help our cause?  Any amount would be much appreciated and go a long way in helping Jared and the many children in Rhode Island that have been diagnosed with autism.  And don’t forget, this fundraiser continues to have a dual purpose.  The Autism Project of Rhode Island incorporates a team challenge that we have met for the last three years!  For every $1500 a team raises, a professional from a local school is eligible to attend a comprehensive training class at no cost.  So once again, it is our goal to raise enough money for someone from Jared’s school, Raymond LaPerche Elementary School to attend a Professional Development class free of charge!  And since we keep reaching our goal, you know they are expecting us to earn another free training for someone again this year!

Donating on this website is fast, easy and totally secure.  If you do not feel comfortable making a donation online, we will gladly accept your check donation.  You can email me at or Facebook message me for our home address or to ask any questions.  Please make your check payable to the Autism Project of Rhode Island and remember to put Team Jared Payne in the memo section for his Team.   And don't forget to forward this link to anyone who you think might want to donate too!


THANK YOU again for your continued love and support!   We truly would not be able to guide Jared on his journey without our family and friends continuing to be there for us every step of the way! 


With our heartfelt thanks,


Lisa and Ed Payne

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Team Jared Payne - LaPerche Elementary School Smithfield RI
Jared at his Birthday Party 2011!