A Chance For Greyt Pets - Greyhound Pets of America


A Chance For Greyt Pets - Greyhound Pets of America

A Chance For Greyt Pets - Greyhound Pets of America

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page for Greyhound Pets of America!

Jon and I have been blessed with 3 wonderful retired racing greyhounds as pets.  It was by chance that we came across them when we were looking for a family dog.  We both love to garden, so what were the chances of finding a dog at a local Garden and Patio Show?

Southeastern Greyhound Adoption was hosting a meet and greet at the show in 2006, and that sparked our interest.  At the show in 2007, the Greyhounds were there again.  We submitted our application that day, and 2 weeks later, Drew came to live with us.  We've adopted 2 seniors since, Handy 10 and Garth 11.  All three were prolific racers in their prior life, but it's what they bring to us now that really makes us smile.

Drew is an AKC Canine Good Citizen and a registered Therapy Dog.  He will start a READing Paws program in June 2009 at the Maude P Ragsdale library here in Hiram, Georgia.  He is also a Mascot for the Pope High School Football team in Marietta, GA.

If you've ever considered a dog, please take the time to really research what breed will fit your lifestyle.  We spent two years at the bookstore and watching the Animal Planet dog shows to decide what breed to select.  We selected an ancient hunting breed that loves to chase.  Drew prefers 'Keep Away" to chase.  He enjoys us chasing him to try to get his toy.  It's only after he tires that we are able to get his football away from him.

The Greyhound is affectionately known as the 45 mile per hour couch potato!  They are quiet, laid back, greyt with children, and very loving.  There are over 100 greyhound adoption groups that work with dog track trainers and owners to help find Forever Homes for them when their racing career ends.  Many of them are all volunteer organizations, such as Southeastern Greyhound Adoption.  Through your contribution, Greyhound Pets of America can continue to assist these groups financially to place Greyhounds as pets in homes.



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A Chance For Greyt Pets - Greyhound Pets of America
Drew, our First Greyhound Adopted