Lisa Schram's Fundraising Page


Lisa Schram's Fundraising Page

Lisa Schram's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! As most of you know, I used to volunteer a good deal of my time to the Luv Shack Ranch Horse Rescue. Since last year, I have adopted a rescue horse named Echo and have moved into a new home and LUV having my horse in my backyard. I am also fostering a young horse from a large Thoroughbred rescue that occured at the end of last year and board a rescue horse named Annie that was adopted by a sixteen year old volunteer named Kate.

Yesterday, Joey picked up 6 more horses from two properties. Each one was near starvation, though a few were so close to death that they will have to be euthanized. These were not abandoned horses. They all had homes but  weren't being fed! I have given one, the small black mare in the picture, a temporary home where I intend to spoil her and indulge her until she is fat and happy like my others.

The Luv Shack is desperately in need of funds to cover the medical and feed costs anticipated with these 6 horses. The euthanasia and removal of the ones that can not be saved will cost $450 each. The average feed cost for the others will be at least $150 each month. There will also be medical and hoof care costs of a minimum of $300 each. This will include worming and vaccinations.

I am sad to say that economic times are even more challenging than when I contacted you all last year and I again recognize that it may be difficult to contribute. I got many notes from friends that said they were unable to donate due to financial stress. I will probably get more of those this time. Again, no guilt! I love that you took the time to respond at all. But... for those of you that are able, whether it is five dollars or five hundred dollars, know that it will feed and care for animals that have also fallen on hard times

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Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Thank you to all that have supported The Luv Shack in the past year and a half. Please forward this on to any animal lovers that you know. If more money is raised,The Luv Shack can save more horses from starvation, neglect and slaughter.

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Lisa Schram's Fundraising Page
Scarlett. Rescued 9/23/09