CHASA Virtual Walkathon


CHASA Virtual Walkathon

CHASA Virtual Walkathon


 Hunter is a 3 year old Stroke Survivor!  Help us to improve the lives of children and families affected by pediatric stroke and other causes of Hemiplegia.

Your donations and fundraising can:

Assist CHASA in sponsoring symposiums with various organizations and institutions to further pediatric stroke research;

Connect families and childhood stroke survivors throughout the world so that no family or child has to feel like they are alone in their journey and can find support and essential resources to assist them throughout their lives of continued therapies, struggles and triumphs.

Assist CHASA in funding National Retreats where parents can meet and talk with others who understand the challenges of raising a child who has hemiplegia/hemiparesis (cerebral palsy);

Develop a campaign to spread the word that early hand preference (right or left handedness) in a child under the age of three is not normal development and that these children may need an evaluation by a pediatric neurologist or an early intervention team. Getting treatment early is essential;

Fund college and trade school scholarships to help our young adults get started in life;


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