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Project Jubilee

Welcome to Project Jubilee.

In the Old Testament in the Bible, God established a system that provided a cycle of rest and restoration for both His people and the land.  Every seven days was a sabbath day.  Every seven years was a sabbath year.  And every seven sabbath (forty-nine) years was the year of Jubilee.

The year of Jubilee began at the beginning of the 50th year.  During this year there was no sowing or harvesting so that the land could rest.  Everyone returned to their family and their ancestral grounds.  All land reverted to its original family ownership.  And all slaves were set free.

On January 21st, 2012, I turn 49 years old.  That means this is my Jubilee year.  The human body doesn't last forever, and there's a good chance this is the only one I'll get.  I want to make it count.  I want to do something bigger than I am.  I want to do something I know I can't do alone.

In 2009 I blogged briefly about my desire to do something to stop slavery and human trafficking.  But now seems to be the perfect time to do more than think, pray, and read about human trafficking.  Now is the time to do what is on my heart:

I want to fund a rescue mission.

There are a lot of fine organizations out there doing the sort of work that interests me.  But I keep coming back to one whose work I find particularly exciting:  the International Justice Mission.  IJM is internationally known and respected for their work.  They are very comprehensive in their approach to stopping slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression.  They rescue.  They defend.  They counsel.  They educate.  They prosecute.  They pursue change on every level to stop systems and cycles of abuse.  In 2010, US New and World Report highlighted IJM as one of "Ten Service Groups That Are Making A Difference."

It costs about $4500 to totally fund an IJM rescue mission.  That mission may rescue one or two individuals, or it may rescue families or large groups.  What matters is that someone needs rescued, and IJM is making it happen.

Over the next year I will be raising the funds for the purpose of freeing humans from oppression and ushering them into a restored life of freedom.  Some of the money will come from my job.  I also plan to make some things to sell or auction, with the proceeds going towards Project Jubilee.   I will be watching for opportunities to scare up funds for this.  My goal is to completely fund at least one rescue mission.

Still...I'm a woman with a few loaves of bread, looking for those who have a couple of fish to share.  But if I have a little money...and you have a little money (or a lot)...and God has everything, then certainly if we put it all together, something really awesome would happen.  Someone with no power to free themselve could have a new life that doesn't include abuse, exploitation, or oppression.   We could make that happen for someone.  Maybe a lot of someones.

Want to help fund a rescue mission?

No amount is too small to help.  Would you skip a cup of expensive coffee and instead give that money to Project Jubilee?  Would you make something awesome and sell it or auction it?  Would you give in honor of a loved one, a birthday, an anniversary, a celebration?  Would you make a sacrifice to help?  Would you tell your friends about this and convince them to help too?  Would you dare believe that anything you give can lay a foundation for God to do something awesome?

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.  All donations go directly to IJM but are credited to this fundraiser so that we can keep track of our fundraising progress.  FirstGiving, our host, will send you reciepts for your tax-deductible contributions.  I have designed the site to list the names of contributors and any comments made, but not the amount of the contribution.  It's fun to see who came to the party, but not necessary for everyone to know what they brought.  The people who really need to know that, will.

I am excited to see what happens.  I am excited to see what God does and how He does it.  And I'm excited to know that my Jubilee year became a true Jubilee for someone else.

Thank you for supporting Project Jubilee.

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