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Liz C's Fundraising Page

Hey! Thanks for coming to my fundraising page for National Novel Writing Month. In November I'll be joining 100,000 authors (bringing the total to 100,000 authors and me) in the challenge of writing a book, from scratch.

As I write my "novel", I'll be raising money for the nonprofit Office of Letters and Light, whose free programs such as National Novel Writing Month have helped spark a lifelong love of writing in kids, teens, and adults around the world.

I've decided that I am going to make a donation based on the number of words I write in November. I'm thinking a penny per 10 words. If I hit the goal of 50K, that will be a $50 donation. I'll post my word count on my blog (link below). I challenge you to match (or beat*) me! If not, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

* (Figuratively speaking, I mean. I would prefer no actual beatings.)

Thank you for your support, real or imaginary, of my "writing" and the Office of Letters and Light's literary mission. If you can think of anyone else who might be interested in sponsoring me, please forward this page along to them.

Wishing you copious hugs, puppies, and diamonds,

Liz C

PS: You should think about writing a novel in November too, seriously! Find out more at And if not this year, maybe next year?

PPS: Be sure to check up on me on my blog, Anyway, I Was Just Thinking. If I fail, I guarantee it will be spectacular!

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Liz C's Fundraising Page
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