Logan's 2008 Ride for Kids Journey


2008 Chicagoland Ride for Kids®

Logan's 2008 Ride for Kids Journey


 Hi, my name is Logan.  I just turned 11 years old.  I had a brain tumor when I was 6 years old.  After making it through the removal of my brain tumor, I thought I was on the road to recovery.  But, unfortunately, since then, I have been through some good times and some bad times.  I have gone through 9 more surgeries since my brain tumor was removed.  I have really bad headaches every day that make me very sick.  I was out of school since February, and am missing playing baseball with my team this summer.  I hope the doctors can help me, so I can get back to being a normal 11 year old boy!  Please help me to raise money to help other kids with brain tumors!


Logan was diagnosed in February, 2004 with a "choroid plexus" tumor.   Hearing that your child has a "mass in his brain" are words that you're never prepared to hear and change your life just as quickly as they are spoken.  We were very blessed that Logan's tumor was benign.  Logan's surgery to remove the tumor was 8 hours.  Following the surgery, Logan had some left side weaknesses and only whispered 1-2 words for a few days, but he has a very strong will and great spirit and forged ahead.

After recovering from the removal of the brain tumor, Logan began to have too much innercranial pressure, which resulted in the placement of the shunt.  This would help control the pressure in his brain, and regulate the flow of spinal fluid.  Over the last few years, Logan has had occasional problems with his pressure, which has resulted in additional surgeries.

In February, 2008 Logan began having trouble with headaches and the pressure in his brain again.  He had 3 more surgeries this spring and other procedures as well.  He still has constant headaches, and hasn't been able to participate in any normal activities.  But, he has been practicing his memory, because he can tell you just about any Cubs statistic you'd ever want to know!   The nurses at the hospital all love talking to him about the Cubs.  Children's Memorial in Chicago no longer knew how to help him, and referred us to the Chief Neurosurgeon at University of Chicago.  Logan recently had an MRI and MRV, which they will look at the blood vessels of the brain, and also they are concerned that their is tumor growth, as he is producing double the amount of spinal fluid, as he should.   We are currently awaiting those results, which aren't exactly easy to wait for, but God has been teaching us patience along the way. 

Logan has shown such amazing courage and grace through all of his treatment.  He never complains, and enjoys the moments when he's feeling a little better.  At his young age, he definitely realizes what's important in life.  He really is an inspiration! 

This is Logan's 4th year participating in the Ride for Kids.  It's a day that he really looks forward to and wants to help others!  Without the research done by the PBTF and other organizations, the medical advances to treat Logan and others would not be available.  We are truly grateful to all those that support this continuing research. 

Every donation, no matter what the size, will be greatly appreciated!  If you'd like to make a donation via check, please mail to me at the following address, and we will turn in the checks the day of the ride.  Please make checks payable to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Sheila Dieter - 2695 Clara Ave, Aurora, IL 60502    she69@sbcglobal.net

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Logan's 2008 Ride for Kids Journey
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