Lori Gano's Fundraising Page


Lori Gano's Fundraising Page

Lori Gano's Fundraising Page

Occupation:  Licensed Contractor/Designer/Owner of Heritage Homes & Designs/Former Model/ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition Lead Project Manager/Product Reviewer for HGTV and DIY Networks/Appearances on Oxygen Network's Snapped.

Age:  27 at heart, 37 at the City/County building

What is your dance experience?  I was a dancing tree in the Wizard of Oz in the 5th grade...oh, and then there were those young years of dance lessons and recitals.  They were terrifying.

Why are you doing this event?  To bring back those fond memories.  Actually, as my husband put it, I'm "taking one for the team."  I have such a heart for children who are hurting and parents who are patiently hopeful that I'm willing to put myself out there and prove why contractors don't dance.  As long as it helps to fill a need in our community.

Why should people vote for you?  People should vote for me because I bring something a little bit different to the table.  Daily, my job is spent thinking outside the box and that way of thinking spills over into other things...maybe even dancing.

Anything else you would like to add?  I've never had an alcoholic beverage, but I may have to indulge in my first one to get out there on that dance floor.  Show me some love people!  There's no sense in breaking the streak now.


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Lori Gano's Fundraising Page
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