Lovett Lions/Lauren Gearon


2012 Lauren's Run and CURE Annual Picnic

Atlanta, Georgia

Lovett Lions/Lauren Gearon

There are so many reasons to support Lauren’s Run and CURE Childhood Cancer. 

Here are a few of my reasons…..


Christina                             Paul                                      Cam
Avery                                  Patrick                                  Brennan
Abby                                  Jake                                       Brent
Courtney                            Connor                                 Taylor
J.J.                                      Matt                                      Trenton
Florence                             Joe                                        Brandon
Hayley                                Anna                                     Catie
Audrey                               Jordan                                  Mary Evelyn

Some of these precious children are miracles on earth and others are angels in heaven, but all of these children share the devastating fact that each was diagnosed with cancer.  Each had to face months and sometimes years of chemo, radiation and often, experimental treatments. These are all children who are part of my everyday prayers and I am certain that many of you have said prayers for some of them and their families.  Lauren's Run is another chance to help.  I hope that you will run alongside me, make a donation or spread the word.  All of these things will help make a difference in a child's life.

Here is what you can do to help:

1.  Run with us on April 29th.  To REGISTER, go to:
and click on the green “REGISTER” button. Input your information first and then when prompted, join the Lovett Lions team.

2.  Make a donation and support pediatric cancer research.  To DONATE,  click on the “DONATE” button.

3.  Forward this to your friends and family and ask them to donate to Lauren's Run in support of pediatric cancer research.   We need to spread the word far and wide to meet our goal, and donations of any size are important and appreciated.

Thank you and I hope to see you at the race.
Lauren Gearon

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Lovett Lions/Lauren Gearon
The Lovett Lion Team last year