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2012 Marine Corps Marathon

Washington, District of Columbia

Lindsay Van Kirk 's Page


When my sister Aubrey was 2 years old she was diagnosed with one of the most severe cases of Autism that the Yale Child Studies Center had seen. It was 1990, and support for parents and families of children with Autism was limited, and the doctor told my mother to put my sister in an institution and to start taking family vacations without her so that I wouldn't get attached to her. 

21 years later, my sister is a fully functioning adult who graduated from High School in my hometown without an aid and now works with my parents at their small business. She has her driver's license, her own friends, and is one of the most loving and caring people that I know. There are good and bad days, but remembering how far she has come is an inspiration every day. 

I am raising money for OAR to support their work helping children with Autism, so that every story that starts like mine can have a happy ending. 

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