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Lynn Briner's Page

This is Mickey! He was shot in the face with a nail gun by some Amish contractors for being too friendly. Mickey has now seen a dental specialist and they are going to reconstruct his jaw so that he is able to have a normal life, which he deserves so much. I am hoping to raise the full amount at least which is my goal, but would be so happy to raise even more to go towards the next dog that I foster.

Mickey is a black lab/border collie mix who has the most happy go lucky personality you would ever want to meet. He is a great date for long car rides and long walks.

Help me reach my goal to raise the money for Mickey's surgery...


Mickey has seen the dental specialist and has had jaw bone removed and more teeth and he is doing great. He has also found a wonderful loving home with 2 (4 legged) brothers and lots of doggie friends.

Donations are still needed to finish paying off his expences with the specialist and the other vets he has seen.....

Mickey thanks all that help him as he is definately a dog that I am thankful to volunteer for a rescue that doesn't but a cash value on an animals life or Mickey would have died..


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