Lynne, Julie, and Tim's Donation Page


14th Annual UMass Medicine Cancer Walk

Worcester, Massachusetts

Lynne, Julie, and Tim's Donation Page

I have chosen to take part in the UMass Medicine Cancer Walk to fundraise and support the ongoing research and clinical trials program at the UMass Medicine Cancer Center of Excellence.

As a young child both my Grandma and Grandpa on my father's side died from cancer.  Their deaths are what motivated me to become a scientist and accept a job with Eisai, where I am currently doing research on cancer therapy drugs.

  Last year my friend Scott asked me to be a part of Team M.A.P.  It is a team that he formed to honor his father, who had passed from cancer a couple years earlier.  Last summer Scott was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery as well as chemotherapy to treat his cancer.  This year another friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer as well.  Both of these men are in their 20's.  Their diagnosis has really opened my eyes to the urgency with which we need to find a cure.  Cancer is not just a disease that effects the elderly.  It doesn't discriminate.  It can effect anyone at anytime.  This is the reason that I walk.  The money we all donate will be used by UMass to better understand Cancer and hopefully discover a cure so that none of us have to lose another loved one or watch such young, vibrant people fight for their lives when they should be enjoying their youth.  Please find it in your heart to make a donation, no matter how small, and join our fight against Cancer.  These donations will save lives and positively impact literally thousands of people.  Thank you :)

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