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Every day, a billion people face the world's worst killer: lack of safe drinking water and sanitation.  Unsafe drinking water is the world's leading cause of sickness and death.  With your help and commitment, we can make a difference.

My previous efforts have been to raise money and awareness for our global water issues. While I hope to continue getting the word out I want to focus this fundraiser on a local organization that is tackling this concern one family at a time.

Haiti has the highest infant mortality rate in the western hemisphere. More than half of all deaths in Haiti were due to water-borne gastro-intestinal diseases. Contaminated water is the leading cause of infant mortality and illness in Haiti.

I ultimately chose Starfysh to raise money for as they are committed to long-term, sustainable, efforts in the communities on La Gonave, Haiti. But this is what really resonated with me: 

"If it’s one thing I know, it is that deep inside all of us is the desire to matter. To make a difference. To acknowledge that life is not all about me, and then to do something about it."

I'm too young to fly to Haiti and do all those things needed to help bring them safe drinking water.  But I can complete a triathlon, I think... I haven't actually ever done one but while  I train for my half ironman distance, I can spread the word and try to get other people involved. Even though the very idea of running makes me nauseous, I will train to run 13.1 miles.  And just because I haven't been on a bicycle for a thousand or so years I'm gonna train to ride 56 miles.  I'm am pretty confident about the 1.2 mile.  I suppose, though, I might be somewhat a little terrified to do all three on the same day. But I'm gonna try, cause right now; today, its the best way I can think of to make a difference.

With your help and commitment we can all make a difference!

Please check out my website: to see how my training is going.

Thank you for supporting me and for helping others gain access to safe drinking water.



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