Help Protect Cows


Help Protect Cows

Help Protect Cows

Hari Bol! My name is Madhava Gosh and I am raising money to support GEETA, a nonprofit 501(c)3 located in West Virginia that protects cows. They are protected from the slaughterhouse and cared for their entire natural lives. GEETA currently has close to 100 cows under its protection, making it the largest goshalla in the Western world.

This dedication to helping cows springs from the Vedas, the holy books of India.

"Without protection of cows, brahminical culture cannot be maintained; and without brahminical culture, the aim of life cannot be fulfilled."

 Srimad Bhagavatam 8.24.5

"For a Sanatanist (a follower of Vedic principles) it is the duty of every householder to have cows and bulls as household paraphernalia, not only for drinking milk, but also for deriving religious principles. The Sanatanist worships cows on religious principles and respects brahmanas. "


SB 1.17.3


In this modern world, it isn't practical for everyone to personally keep cows, but by donating to GEETA, you will in fact be caring for cows by proxy. Even if you use milk products from a store, it will be offset by contributing to protecting cows.

 I keep a blog and write about cows, among other things,  regularly. You are welcome to visit there  or go to the archives of the category Cows and  Environment to just see posts on that topic.

I have set a goal of raising 1 million dollars  for cow protection before I leave my body.  This will be used for an endowment to perpetuate cow protection in the West.

The first stage will be upgrading and renovating existing facilities, and then investing most of it in a trust fund, which will  generate income that will ensure the future of GEETA.

Cow protection is not based on a material motivation of profit by exploiting cows.  GEETA can't compete economically with an agricultural system based on cow slaughter as is now current in the Western world.  GEETA  needs your help to continue this program.

You can give a donation here by clicking on the Give Now button. You can also email others you think may be moved to help. You can even get a widget to put on your own website. Click on "Share this page."

Better yet, set up your own website for GEETA on and help out by spreading the news to all your family, friends and associates..

Hare Krishna,
Madhava Gosh
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