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Madison Carey 's Page

Nearly 5 years ago, Daniel and I decided to foster a tiny Border Collie puppy named Gizzy.  She was the runt of the litter and could fit in the palm of your hand.  This sweet girl could barely walk, slept constantly and was extremely lethargic.  The Lexington Humane Society (LHS) Medical Team determined that severe ticks had affected her neurological system.  Weeks turned into months and Gizzy began to show improvement.  She had quickly bonded with her new “roommate,” Bailey, a three year old black lab that had been adopted two years earlier.  The two had become inseparable and Gizzy was slowly learning basic skills like walking, playing and eating from a bowl.  The improvement was vast, but additional tests and medical attention revealed that the neurological damage would likely be permanent. 

By this time we had fallen in love with Gizzy and decided to adopt her.  Little did we know what a transformation she would make.  Five years have passed and Gizzy is our little miracle pup.  She has become such a fast runner and can jump to extraordinary heights.  She is unbelievably loyal and loves sitting in a chair beside me while I work - she is a constant shadow!  She also enjoys hiking and recently completed an eleven mile hike.  From not being able to walk, to hiking part of the Appalachian trail, this dog has made an unbelievable transformation.  Recently Gizzy began pet partnering at an assisted living facility, which has proven to be rewarding not only for Gizzy, but also for Daniel and myself.  She loves snuggling in bed with her favorite patient, Miss Hazel, and each visit brings such joy to this sweet lady’s face.  Gizzy enjoys prancing down the hallways while the patients praise her with compliments – humility might not be her strongest asset!  

LHS makes happy endings come true every day.  But it takes donations to complete this important work. Daniel and I are incredibly thankful for having Gizzy in our life.  She has taught us patience, the gift of unconditional love and the importance of second chances.  There are hundreds of other wonderful animals that deserve a forever home and a loving family.  Please make a donation today to help the nearly 5,000 animals LHS cares for each year.  Every dollar will make a difference!  Skip today’s fancy latte or that extra glass of wine at happy hour and help some great animals.

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