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2012 Southern California Walk to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls

Maggie Schmitz's Page

Dear family and friends,

Once again, I am walking this year in support of UN Women's projects to end violence against women and girls.  Please consider walking with me on March 31 or donating in support of the cause.

Violence against women and girls is a worldwide problem, cutting across all socio-economic, cultural, geographical, and age groups. It is one of the most prevalent violations of human rights and has far-ranging social and economic implications in all countries. UN Women’s work addresses gender-based violence at all levels of society:

Grass-roots collaboration: UN Women works with and funds organizations on the ground to change social practices and attitudes that are harmful to women and girls. UN Women-backed efforts in Ecuador helped to reform the ancestral indigenous justice system in the Kichwa communities of the province of Imbabura to better respond to cases of violence against women.

National judicial and legislative reform: UN Women works with governments to draft national laws and budgets that address violence against women, its causes, and its effects. In Laos, a domestic violence bill was passed into law after the Trust Fund supported the Women’s Union to compile compelling evidence of gender-based violence.

International: As the pre-eminent global body for gender equality, UN Women works with international organizations and UN agencies to protect women and girls. In Sudan, UN Women partnered with the UN Mission in Darfur, the local police, and tribal leaders in training women in refugee camps to protect themselves from sexual violence.

For more information on UN Women’s leadership in ending violence against women, click here.

My efforts on March 31 will go beyond fundraising.  Advocacy on behalf of women and girls is a vital part of our walks. This year we will again be asking participants to sign postcards to their elected officials voicing support for UN Women.

Thank you very much for your support!  I will be thinking of you, your mothers, your wives, your sisters, and your daughters on March 31!

All the best,



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