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Save-A-Witch Campaign

Save-A-Witch Campaign

Please read below for instructions on how to submit your donation.

The fan base’s response to The Secret Circle cancellation has been astounding and a bit humbling. Fans trended at least 2 topics worldwide on twitter the day of the announcement and have since started 3 major petitions with the largest receiving over 33,000 signatures. The second largest has become the 3rd most signed Twitition ever started in a matter of days (over 22,000 signatures!).

Emails encouraging the reversal of the cancellation by The CW have poured in and many fans have sent physical letters to the network offices as part of our mail campaign. Fans have been contacting other networks (ABC Family, MTV, & SyFy) hoping that they’ll revive the canceled (but beloved) series. All of this has garnered some media attention, including articles from writers at Hypable, TV Over Mind, Chevron One,,and

This made us think. There are so many voices out there fighting for one cause: to bring back The Secret Circle. And though it’s a cause we fully stand behind, we’re very aware of the power of those numbers, and how they could make a difference for someone in need. So we at STC have decided to utilize the passion of the TSC fan base to help make someone’s wish come true.That’s why we’ve launched the “Save-A-Witch” campaign.

This campaign is aimed at getting the attention of MTV Networks. For our “Save-A-Witch” campaign, we are collecting donations for Make-A-Wish International. These donations will be made on behalf of MTV Networks. We are asking fans who want a network pick-up of The Secret Circle to donate to the charity. We are requesting that you donate between $1 and $10. 

These donations will be like your very own appeal letter, asking MTV Networks to consider picking-up The Secret Circle. We are working directly with someone from Make-A-Wish International so donation reports will be sent to the network periodically. The more people who donate, the larger our appeal to the network. This is in its own way like the Chuck fans appeal through purchasing subs. We are putting our money where our mouths are. Except with this campaign, we are giving to charity and using our power to help others–something no one can ignore.

When donating, please do the following:

1. In the Display Name box, please write: MTV Networks
2. Check the box: “I want to cover the fees for my donation”
3. You may write a short comment in the comment box about wanting a TSC pick-up by MTV and other networks.

Let’s keep the magic of The Secret Circle alive by creating some magic in another person’s life. Maybe with all the wishes we help grant, ours will be granted in return.

For more on the Save The Circle campaign, please visit our website You can also find us on twitter (@savethecircle) and tumblr (

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