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Japan Disaster Relief

Anime and Manga Bloggers for Doctors Without Borders

Hi Everyone,

No doubt you've heard about the horrific natural disasters that have hit Japan in the last few days. From earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactor explosions to volcanic activity, Japan has been hit hard.

While there are many projects going around the internet to raise money for various charities, All About Manga wanted to start this fundraiser in order to give money to Japan in the most direct manner possible barring being able to travel to Japan. We chose Doctors Without Borders because they are already in Japan providing medical assistance and medical supplies to those who need it. Considering how many local hospitals, medical clinics and doctors are now out of commission or completely overloaded due to the natural disasters and how many medical problems survivors will face in the coming weeks, we believe this is one of the best causes to champion at this moment in time.

Yes, Japan has the infrastructure and money to rebuild itself, but the money you donate towards this cause will help Japan get itself back on its feet much faster. An able-bodied person who was taken care of by Doctors Without Borders will be able to rebuild their home much faster than a sick or injured person. With Doctors Without Borders we can send more personnel to Japan to care for the sick and injured.

There is no question that many fans of anime and manga feel a certain affinity for Japan, whether they've been to the country before or not. After all, this is a country that creates vibrant stories and art that are not just entertainment, but a porthole into a fun and fascinating culture. A donation of any size will help us reach our goal. Hopefully we'll be able to raise more than $1000, but even a donation of $10-$30 from your anime and manga budget this month will help this country cope with this disaster. By giving money to the relief efforts, we are not only helping others out of the goodness of our hearts, but we are giving back to a people who have brought us joy.

Thank you very much for you contributions and help.


Daniella Orihuela-Gruber (All About  Manga) and Anime & Manga Bloggers for Japan

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