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7th Annual Steps for Students

Houston, Texas

Ramasute's Page

Thank you for visiting our Personal Fundraising Page.

 Everyone knows about supporting their children's school and have done so for many years and also for their friends and relatives. This fundraiser for our school is different in that we are not selling anything to you- that means that you don't have to pick and choose and calculate the costs and no special dates to pick up. What we are doing is pledging to you that we will walk (me) and run (Eli and Christopher) or both (Ram and Adam) the 5K race in support of our school and Catholic Education. Our Lady of Mount CarmelSchool is and Inner City Catholic School where our children have attended since Pre-K. We value the  level of education both in academics and Catholic teachings that our children have been taught and are proud to see our Elizabeth graduate this year.  As an Inner City school we struggle financially more than our suburban catholic schools and we hope that you will help us help our school financially. No amount is too little or ---too great. Thank you.

Ram, Maria, Elizabeth, Christopher and Adam

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