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Run 2 Empower 5K - Columbus, OH

Columbus, Ohio
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Maria Hwang's Fundraising Page

The forgotten casualties of HIV/AIDS

A generation of parents is virtually gone because of HIV/AIDS

1 in 5 children in Uganda is an orphan

By 2010 there will be 35 million orphans in Africa Their dreams

Africa’s orphans and vulnerable children dream of a better life, just like we do. Education is the way to a better life for all children, no matter where they live. Due to HIV/AIDS and poverty most of them cannot even attend school

Africa’s Future The Empower Campaign is a registered nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to educating Africa’s orphans and vulnerable children by:

Providing educational materials to schools
Supporting school lunch programs
Building schools
Sponsoring individual students
Partnering with rural women’s cooperatives to provide an income for families caring for orphans and vulnerable children

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