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8th Annual TEAM HOPE-Walk For A Cure 2012

Wheaton, Illinois

Martha Mezyk's Page

Thank you to everyone who contributed and came out for the HD Walk 2011.  Our team was one of the top 5 contributors with raising about $1,700 last year. 

Let’s see if we can match our goal this year!!

I hope that you can find kindness in your heart to support us in our walk to help raise funds for the HSDA in order to help find a cure.  Any donation no matter, how large or small, is greatly appreciated.  

As many of you may know Huntington's Disease is something close to my heart.  My father passed away on September 1, 2011 after suffering from Huntington’s Disease for the last 11 years of his life.  This year’s walk will be in loving memory of Bruno Mezyk, a loving husband, an amazing father, a proud veteran and a beloved person by many.    

"Huntington's Disease (HD) is a devastating, hereditary, degenerative brain disorder that results in a loss of cognitive, behavioral and physical control, and for which, presently, there is no treatment or cure. HD slowly diminishes the affected individual's ability to walk, think, talk and reason. Symptoms usually appear in an individual between 30 and 50 years of age and progress over a 10 to 25 year period.  Eventually, a person with HD becomes totally dependent upon others for his or her care. More than 30,000 people in the United States are currently diagnosed with HD.  Each of their siblings and children has a 50 percent risk of developing the disease.  Although medications can relieve some symptoms in certain individuals, research has yet to find a means of conquering or even slowing the deadly progression of HD."

We hope that you can find the time to join us Sunday, May 20th, 2012 for the walk!!

Registration Information for the walk is located here:

If you have any questions or need help w/ registering pls. email me at

If you are unable to participate in the walk any donation would be extremely appreciated.

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