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2017 New Balance Falmouth Road Race

Maryann Siegel's Page

My name is Maryann Siegel and I am proud to be running the Falmouth Road Race this August in support of NEADS. I was first introduced to NEADS in February 2014 when my husband Matt and I were recruited to participate in a flash mob in Copley place as a gift to Patrick Downes from his wife Jess Kensky. It was the most heartwarming event I have ever participated in and I have been involved with NEADS ever since. NEADS is truly a special organization, and I have met some incredible people who are benefiting in so many ways because of their NEADS Service Dogs.

NEADS has raised, trained and matched over 1,700 World Class Service Dogs since 1976. They are dedicated to serving adults and children, including our Nation's Veterans, who are Deaf or have a physical disability, as well as children on the Autism spectrum. NEADS Dogs are also partnered with professionals in the Classroom, Ministry, Therapy, Hospital and Courthouse settings.

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Maryann Siegel's Page
Me and my training partner Romo!