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All your contributions go to the Hawaii Chapter of TACA, which supports many families affected with Autism. It brings awareness to various components of our community including pediatricians, teachers, and various professionals.


The long story to short, TACA rescued our family.

Both of our twins were diagnosed Autism in 2010 when they were 2 years old. My friend quickly gave me a link to TACA. By attending TACA's monthly meetings & new journey seminar, we gradually educated ourselves.
The occupational therapy, speech therapy, group therapy, special instruction, physical therapy, and skills trainers from early intervention greatly helped them. Our son interacts greatly in Music therapy. Our journey is nowhere near its end. Although our Twins have made great progress as a result of various treatment efforts, they still have a long way to go. We are still in the process of evaluating and research other treatment options and trying to decide on which approach we should take next.



Cried and behaved awkward right after his discharge from the hospital. His diarrhea leaked from his diaper often. He sometimes displayed indications of what may have been a hypersensitivity to sound, but he had a great eye contact, smile and laughed when we called his name. Frequently had colds since 7 months. Received full vaccines, 2 flu shots and H1N1. Over time, he has received other medications which included 2 courses of amoxicillin & steroids for the croup and bronchitis. Skyler lost eye contact when he was 1 year old. He later began spinning, flapping hands, toe curl walking, running back and forth, had some level of fascination at spinning objects and flashing lights and play with his toys in such a way that would not be considered normal for a child that age. At some point, we suspected Autism by the way he would respond to certain stimuli. We gradually lost his response and interaction as he seemed to dwell in his own world. He was diagnosed as Autistic during the month of his 2nd birthday..
Following month, we attend a TACA meeting. Eventually started the kids on a Gluten & Casein free diet. Resources provided by TACA assisted us in locating a Doctor from the mainland who is trained in Autism and frequently comes to Hawaii to treat patients. This Doctor soon got the kids started on biomedical intervention. So many tests, so many surprise results. Imbalance of minerals, vitamins & anti-oxidants. bad bacteria & overgrowth of Candida yeasts, many food allergies. We recently found heavy metals such as Aluminum, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Antimony, Nickel and even Arsenic are in his body.  Skyler is still largely non-verbal, but is now starting to communicate with single words. 



Not many people can tell that she is Autistic. But some of her medical test results are similar to that of her twin brother Skyler. Then why does she appear better off than her brother?  It's because she has female hormones to fight with. Research shows that autism is more likely to come up in boys, and in a greater degree than girls.
She didn't smile for a long time. She just stared at us without blinking. She was kicking Skyler in the crib since she was born. She was such a hyper active baby. When she was still an infant, her poop once was a bright cobalt green and we didn't know it was a sign of infection. Usually, her stools were hard as rock. Received full vaccines, 2 flu shots & H1N1. Frequently had colds since 7 months. A week after the 2nd flu shot, she started to rocking her body with no response, and appeared to have a seizure in the stroller. 3 course of Amoxicillin and 4 asthma treatments. 2 pneumonia, 1 bronchitis, and 1 perhilar streakiness. Twinkling in her eyes were gone, just like her brother. She couldn’t walk straight until the team from early intervention helped her. She responded well in each biomedical treatment. Without TACA, she might be in the serious stage of Autism just like her brother.  Currently, she is able to communicate in short sentances and has come a long way.



It is not because boys develop slower than girls.

It is not because twins don’t speak until later.

It is not because parents don’t discipline the kids.

It is not because a bilingual language environment causes speech delay.

They will not necessarily grow out of it.

It is not because you are wrong.

 Although some people may know or suspect Austism, they may not say anything to you.


Please trust your instinct.

 Kids shows their signs every moments.

Behavior is just one of the symptoms of a medical problem. It may be a combination of genetic, gut problems, immune problems, poor diet & food allergies, toxicity in their environment from decades ago. We have to find out the source.


1 in 88 (2008)

1 in 110 (2006)
1 in 125 (2004)
1 in 150 (2000 & 2002)


Autism is preventable and reversible.

Please free to share our family story. Donation through this website is simple, fast and totally secure.  Please don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate. 

Many thanks to all of you.
With our love and prayer,

Steven & Masako Cummings
** Skyler & Summer, we are so proud of you! **


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