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30 Poems in November!

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Dear Friends,

We are a team of Smith Students who have agreed to be part of the 30 POEMS PROJECT through the Center for New Americans, a nonprofit agency based in Northampton, MA. CNA provides community-based education and resources for new immigrants in the area, and the “30 Poems” Project is an important source of support for the organization. Your support for this project not only helps with financial support for the organization, but raises its visibility and thus the resources that it can provide to those who it serves, who in turn enrich and strengthen our community. And finally, you are supporting the creative efforts of a group of us who have need and appreciation for the written word as a way of understanding and making meaning of our experience and the world.

Please note that when you make your donation per poem you are donating to the 30 poems that will be written by a group of us. One poem will be produced by the team each day in November, which means that not all of us will be writing a poem every day unless we choose to. Some of our work will be posted on the website of the Center for Religious Life at Smith. This project has been organized by Spitfire, a Student Organization of Spoken Word Poetry, The Poetry Center,, the Center for Community Collaboration, the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life.

Thank you for your interest and support.


The Smith College 30 Poems Writing Team


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