Riding for the Kids


2012 Phoenix Ride for Kids®

Riding for the Kids

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I've been raising money for the PBTF since 1999 and am honored to continue doing so!  The foundation is amazing with an enormous amount of money actually going to the work each year.  As the economy has suffered, so have charities.  But, kids are still getting sick and dying no matter what the economy does.  That's why it is so important to continue to give of ourselves and I truly thank you for joining me.

I have a personal connection to the cause too.  My brother in law, Dominic had a brain tumor as a toddler.  The doctors were able to beat the cancer and Dominic is 28 now.  But, the treatments were so harsh that he has suffered from strokes and cranial meningitis and is severly developmentally disabled and suffering from various health issues.

The foundation has funded research that is making a very real difference in directly pioneering new treatments and medications.  That's what your money does!  These treatments are not just helping more kids live longer, but it is changing the quality of life.  The foundation used to send kids to camp.  now, they're sending them to college! How's that for progress?

So please, give whatever you can.  Any and every gift adds to the total and makes a difference in the futures of these kids.  Donating here is easy and secure.  You can use your credit card statement for your tax receipt.

Thanks again friends!

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