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Kristi Hogg's Fundraising Page

Kristi Hogg's Fundraising Page

Dear Family, Friends ,

I want to first share Mayci story with you. Just incase you are not familiar with her you will know a little bit about her.  Mayci was born Oct. 24, 2000.  She is the Second daughter to Richard and Kristi Hogg.  She is the sister to Marli.  Marli is 10 Mayci is 8. 

When Mayci was born we thought every thing was great.  But after about the second month we noticed that things just weren't right.  We took her to our local Physician and he said that she either had a brain tumor, Mental delays or completely blind.  WE WERE DEVASTATED..  We left home and headed to LeBonheur Childrens Hospital to see a neurologist.  This began a very long 2 year journey of over 55 doctors and hundreds of test.

Over the years we found out that Mayci had seizures, infatile spasms, Cataracts, and considered "failure to thrive".  We even had to put a feeding tube put in place so that she got enough nutrition.

We were told that Mayci would probably not live past the age of 3 and at 2.5 yrs old we got the Diagnosis of a Mitochondrial Disease. Mayci has whats called a Oxidativephosphorylation disorder.  We were excited to finally get a diagnosis however, we were so sad to think that we were dealing with a NON CURABLE disease.  Why was this happening to our Mayci Shea...

So over the course of the next 5 years we MAINTAINED her and kept her alive.  It has not been easy.  It has been extremely tough to watch her have seizures and not eat, run and play with her sister.

In the spring of 2008 Mayci was really getting worse, Her neurologist said that her seizures were increasing and we were probably going to loose this battle soon. We were so upset and lost, just not wanting the seizures to be the reason why she dies.

On May of 2008 we read the EP magazine article on Grace Kenitz,  That day our life changed.  I contacted Shannon and we were on the road that week to get approval to do Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.   On June 8th,  we went to Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center in Madison Wisconsin. We started not know what improvements we would get.

On June 10th, Mayci's seizures stopped.

WE have not had another seizures since that day. Hyperbarics has truly saved  her life.  We are so excited about the improvements we have seen so far.  Now it has been almost a year and Mayci has started verbalizing words, vision has improved, and her energy level has went thru the roof. She is like a new daughter that I have always wanted. 

We have done over 400 dives to date.  Please help us to continue this so that Mayci can keep improving. We really need your support!

Thanks so much for your help.

Love to all

Richard, Kristi, Marli and Mayci Hogg


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Kristi Hogg's Fundraising Page
Please help Mayci IMPROVE