Lila's Bat Mitzvah Project


Lila's Bat Mitzvah Project

Lila's Bat Mitzvah Project


Welcome to my fundraising page!

In honor of becoming a Bat Mitzvah, I hope to travel to the Nyaka AIDS Orphans School in rural Uganda this summer to work with AIDS orphans and bring them supplies.

The HIV/AIDS crisis claimed millions of lives and left 1.1 million HIV/AIDS Orphans in its wake. There are few services available in the country of Uganda, and what little there are can only be found in the major cities like Kampala, the capital. Small villages in southwest Uganda like Nyaka were devastated by HIV/AIDS but there was no one to help. Normally in Uganda an orphaned child would be able to go to an uncle or aunt to take care of them, but the crisis hit so hard that many children had no one to turn to. Many went to live with their aging grandmothers, some to caring women in their village, and many others were left vulnerable and alone. Nyaka currently provides services to 43,000 HIV/AIDS orphans living in southwest Uganda but the true number of children who have been orphaned is much higher.

I chose this project because:

  • I believe we are all one human family, born equally, and have a duty to help one another.
  • I believe all people have the right to education, food, shelter, basic health care, respect and love.
  • I believe all people have a right to a voice that is heard and respected.
  • I believe a high-quality education is the key to empowering people to transform their lives.
  • I believe that sustainable, ethical, community-based solutions are the best way to address needs in rural Uganda.
  • The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project is working on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty, and hunger through a holistic approach to community development, education, and healthcare.


This project is important to me, because I hope to help the AIDS orphans break the cycle of poverty and have a better chance of living full and healthy lives. The money I am raising will help the Nyaka AIDS orphans by providing them with resources to improve their lives through education.


Thank you for your support, and please share this with anyone who might be interested in supporting this project!


Click these links to learn more:
WEBSITE - The Nyaka School
VIDEO - The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Documentary

Lots of love,



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