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Quileute Youth Programs

Quileute Youth Programs

How many of you were enchanted by Edward and Bella and the world of Forks?

How many of you were mystified by Jacob and the Quileute wolf pack of La Push?

And how many of you Fandango-ed your movie tickets for 'New Moon' at least a week in advance or have already pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon.com?

The Twilight Saga and all of its characters have been "imprinted" on our minds, whether you’ve read them a hundred times or not even once! With 85 million copies of the four-part series sold worldwide in 38 different languages there is literally no escape from what the New York Times has rightly termed a “literary phenomenon.” On the silver screen, 'New Moon' shattered box office records with the $142.8 million dollars it brought in opening weekend in U.S. theaters alone. It is undeniable that the stories have sparked intrigue, excitement, controversy, and obsession.

But, there is a real and untold story behind the legends of the cold ones and werewolves...

While vampires (vegetarian and carnivore alike) may be creations of Stephenie Meyer's imagination, the Quileute tribe of La Push do exist and their lore of wolf ancestry is true.

Meyer has incited an addictive and worldwide fascination with the fictional and nonfictional world of Edward, Bella, and Jacob, placing the otherwise unheard of La Push in the global spotlight. As fans, we can celebrate and support a culture that has brought tremendous character and color to the books that have enthralled so many readers and movie-goers by supporting the Quileute Tribal School. Help repay a people that inspired such a captivating story here and now, and ensure that their tradition will be preserved and passed on through their youth.  

Stephenie Meyer's books are written for young adults. Her teen and "tween" audiences are the exact kids that could benefit from your support. If every "Twi-hard" Jacob fan donated a dollar to support tutoring and extracurricular programs for the real Quileute teens of La Push, these kids would have the resources to achieve further academically and the chance to participate in learning opportunities outside the classroom. 

Make a tax-deductible donation of the price of one ticket to see New Moon in theaters to the Quileute Tribal School's Youth Programs and help ensure that the Quileute benefit from the success of the Twilight craze!



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Quileute Youth Programs
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