Help support the Angela Shelton Foundation!

Angela Shelton Foundation

Help support the Angela Shelton Foundation!

Help support the Angela Shelton Foundation!

Many thanks to everyone who donated both on- and offline to this cause! We raised a total of over $600.00 for this charity. A few months after my blog-a-thon, according to Wikipedia, The Angela Shelton Foundation was dissolved and is no longer active.

"Angela donated the foundation's assets to the 501C3 Darkness to Light in an effort to have her work in the trauma and recovery movement continue to reach more people as she went back to her writing and film making career."

Darkness to Light is a cause I definitely support, and I appreciate all that they do to provide education and prevention training in communities across the nation. If there are any questions regarding donations that were made during my February 2010 blog-a-thon, please contact me at ladymegan at rocketmail dot com. Thanks!

Mackenzie Phillips & Angela Shelton inspired me to speak out in 2009 to share my personal story of abuse, rape and trauma in order to give other survivors hope. In speaking out, I became an "accidental advocate" for victims and survivors of abuse. 

On Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 6am Eastern Standard Time, I held a 24-hour blog-a-thon to raise money for the Angela Shelton Foundation. The blogathon was broadcast live from my UStream channel.

My blog address is

The purpose of the Angela Shelton Foundation was to inspire and empower all survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives. The Foundation ran and provided assistance to worldwide organizations and projects in the arts and media that share their mission of inspiring, empowering and aiding all survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

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Help support the Angela Shelton Foundation!
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