Lions of Love


Lions of Love

Celebrating the anniversary of Conner Arneson

Lions of Love

Dear friends,

UPDATE :  May 23, 2013....Conner has since relapsed as of 7-2012.  Please go to caringbridge and search ConnerArneso1 for a current update.

Please help us celebrate Conner. Two years ago when Conner was diagnosed with neuroblastoma he was given a lion at the hospital. His lion has gotten him through many tough times.  When Conner had surgery Lion went with him.  Both Conner and Lion came out of surgery with bandages.    The doctor and nurses made sure  Lion was healthy too. 

Our Lion has been such a representation of love for us. We want to pass on the love and hope, that our lion gave us, to others. You can help us by adopting a lion by making a donation to CURE (through First Giving). Your donation is desperately needed!   There are only about 13,000 kids a year diagnosed with cancer.  Drug companies will not invest the time and money it takes for research for childhood cancer drugs. The government only gives 2% towards childhood cancer (none of that goes towards neuroblastoma!). When I found this out my heart broke beyond
repair. Where are these doctors, researchers, drugs to cure my
child?! I felt so alone and hopeless. 

There are blessings in every storm. CURE is a blessing for families who are amidst the storm of childhood cancer.  At CURE they care and are diligent about  raising money AND making sure it goes where it needs to go to help find a cure for childhood cancer.   I know times are hard and everyone is busy but please consider making a donation.  Any amount will help! 

Much love,

The Arnesons (Mark, Melinda, Parker and Conner)





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