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The SoulFest Walk4Water 2012!

Gilford, New Hampshire
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Melisa Morneau's Page

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In October of 2010 I had the wonderful and rare opportunity to travel to Haiti and experience, in a very sheltered way, what life is like for millions of Haitains. The day after the group I went with landed in Port au Prince we found out that there was a cholera outbreak and that the drinking water had the potential to kill millions with diarrhea. Imagine, worrying that your child may die from diarrhea because the water he or she is drinking is dirty and contaminated, therefore unable to hydrate their little bodies. Clean water is something that many of us take for granted in this country and something that is desperately needed in Haiti. On August 4th I will be Walking 4 Water in an effort to raise funds to bring clean water to Haiti. Please join me in my efforts to afford some of the poorest people in the world with this basic, life sustaining neccesity.

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