Cinesamples' Djembe Donation Page


Cinesamples' Djembe Donation Page

Cinesamples' Djembe Donation Page


Welcome To The Cinesamples' Djembe Donation Page:   : 


At cinesamples LLC we  wanted to organize a way for our community to join together and support a worthy cause.  Action Against Hunger is a fantastic, highly acclaimed international charity specializing in providing support for people in distress.  

We ask that you donate any amount comfortable to you (suggested donation $10) and   as a way of thanking your kindness we will pass along the download links for the djembe in your "thank you" email.   All funds will pass directly through firstgiving into the accounts of Action Against Hunger.   Hopefully we can reach and surpass our goal with your support!

Your friends at cinesamples,

Mike Barry and Mike Patti


About the cinesamples Djembe: (279.9 MB: 207.4 MB Zipped)

The djembe was recorded with multiple microphone positions (Close, Room) and  multiple velocity layers at RRx8.  The interface is highly customizable allowing the user to control articulation mapping and volume, and a set of easy to use presets.  

Here is a few of the features:

  • Automatic left/right hand alternation (depending on what you play; it's more complicated than strict alternation)
  • Dynamic mapping with mapping presets.
  • Mixing close/room mic balance, room size adjustment
  • Ability to change the volume of individual articulations
  • Sample audition, so you can hear the drum playing as you adjust it. No more having to go back and forth from your mouse to the MIDI keyboard!
  • Automatically fills empty keys with the nearest samples. Great for setting it up so several keys trigger the same sample--making it really easy to perform on a MIDI keyboard.
  • Scripted round-robin

Programmed for Kontakt, by our friend Greg Schlaepfer,


I simply wanted to check in and say thank you! It looks like you have a very involved audience given that you’ve raised a large amount so quickly. Congratulations!
1.    Intervening in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger saves the lives of malnourished children while providing families with sustainable access to safe water and long-term solutions to hunger. Action Against Hunger has pursued its vision of a world without hunger for 30 years, assisting nearly 5 million people a year in some 40 countries across the globe.
2.    Your support allows us to save the lives of starving children while helping families find lasting solutions to hunger. From Afghanistan to Colombia to Zimbabwe, our programs reach nearly 5 million people a year – and for some, it means the difference between life and death.
3.    For the first time in history, the number of hungry people in the world has passed the 1 billion mark. One in six people go to bed desperately hungry every night. And last year, an estimated 5 million young children died from complications from acute malnutrition. These figures point to an urgent crisis. But since hunger is not a result of global food shortages, there is hope. The knowledge and tools to end hunger are readily available. And everyone’s help can make a difference


Hi guys:

I've been in touch with the people at firstgiving regarding European Debit Cards and paypal. It seems neither is an option through them.

However you can paypal the charity directly and just include Cinesamples Djembe somewhere in the message so at some point they can tally all the offline donations, and we can add it towards our goal. It won't be tallied unless they see cinesamples djembe. Just email us that you donated and either Mike or I will pass forward your link.

There is an option for paypal donate right on their site.


PS send that email to for your link


Hi Michael-

Unfortunately that is the only answer. There are no exceptions and many people have asked for a PayPal option and our site it not set up to work with it.

If donors don't want to use a credit card online it is better they make out or give a check or cash donation directly to the organization and then you can claim it as an offline donation. This way they will get the tax credit for it, whereas if you make their donation with your card, it is made in your name and you get the credit.

So if people want the tax break have them turn in cash or checks to the organization, if they don't care, they can give you the money and then you can donate using your credit card and their name as the display name,

Have a nice day!

Beth Schock
FirstGiving Consumer Helpdesk


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Cinesamples' Djembe Donation Page
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