Mike Losier - NF 2017 Boston Marathon


2017 Boston Marathon

Boston, Massachusetts

Mike Losier - NF 2017 Boston Marathon

On Monday, April 17th I will be running my 2nd Boston Marathon to raise money for a wonderful cause and more specifically, for an amazing little boy who has continued to excel despite being faced with significant obstacles.

Ryan Feeney was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF) at 4 months old. NF is a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow anywhere in or on the body. While the tumors are typically benign, they may be a concern if their location means they are pinching a nerve or interfering with other parts of the body.  Due to complications caused by NF, Ryan developed tibia dysplasia early on in his life and the amputation of his lower right leg was required.  In addition, Ryan also spent the past year undergoing chemotherapy treatments for a tumor on his optic nerve that affected his vision.  

None of these challenges have slowed Ryan down in the slightest.  He can regularly be found tearing up the ski slopes, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and most recently on the wrestling mats where he is a true terror for his opponents!  His personality, positive attitude, and sense of humor are infectious and he serves as a true inspiration for anyone who has ever had the privilege of coming in contact with him.

This year I'm very proud to again be running in support of NF Northeast, and my great friends and great people, the Feeney Family.  My fundraising goal has been set at $7,500 but with your support, I hope to exceed that goal!!

No donation is too small. Thank you in advance for your generosity...and go Team NF Northeast!!



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