Michael Rogers


2014 Boston Marathon

Boston, Massachusetts

Michael Rogers


On April 21st, 2014, Maureen and I will be taking on Boston's greatest challenge, the Boston Marathon. This will be our second time in the Boston Marathon, having finished in 2011.

This year, along with the challenge of training for Boston, I have pledged to raise $5000 for Ironstone Farm in Andover MA. Asking for money is not easy, since we are always on the giving end of things having supported hundreds of race charities over the years.

Ironstone Farm specializes in Equine Therapy, the programs are designed to help the hundreds of children and adults who come to Ironstone for help with dozens of diagnosis. From cerebral palsy, to autism spectrum disorders, to cognitive disabilities. The list of benefits is long and the results seen at Ironstone everyday are truely profound.

Physicians from every major medical institution in the Greater Boston area refer their clients for treatment at Ironstone Farm. Families come from 92 cities and towns and many start as young as nine-months old. Who knew that horses could help change lives, at Ironstone, seeing the smiles tells it all!.

The profound work they do with children isn't all they do. They have programs for returning American veterans with brain trauma and PTSD from the Bedford Veterans Administration. They use the Horses for developing skills toward reintegration. Similiar techniques are also used with patients diagnosed with cancer from Dana-Farber for not only physical strength but for emotional healing as well.

Ironstone Farm is privately funded, takes no government funds and raises money to provide therapy to anyone who seeks its services who may not be able to afford it.

Thank you for your donation and generous support!


Mike Rogers


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