End of Year Scholarship Support


End of Year Scholarship Support

End of Year Scholarship Support

Dear Cutters Supporters,

I hope all is well and that you are looking forward to an enjoyable holiday break. As you may know, Cutters relies a great deal on the support of this community to be a sustainable non-profit organization. Whether it be through sponsorships, individual contributions, grants, or other methods of support, we simply wouldn't be able to undertake everything we do without this amazing generosity.

The overwhelming majority of our fundraising is aimed at providing need based scholarships, supporting our Outreach Program, and keeping the cost of Community Soccer as low as possible. Last year, Cutters awarded more than $23,000 in scholarships to both Travel and Community players. This year, requests for scholarships are already more than $4,000 ahead of where they were at this time last year. It is my hope that we can help every child in need of financial support, but there is no question that additional funding will be needed. I am writing to you at this time with the hope that you will support this important cause by making a year end tax-deductible contribution.

I truly appreciate your consideration in supporting the club at this time.  I know we ask a lot of you already both financially and with your time throughout the year. Nonetheless, any size contribution really does make a difference for a child in need. Thanks again for all you do and Happy Holidays!


-Michael Nosofsky


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