The Craven-Meyers Fundraising Page


2010 South Florida Ride for Kids®

The Craven-Meyers Fundraising Page

We do this in memory of Jimmy.

Jimmy died of a brain tumor when he was 15.

But just because he wasn't 16 yet, doesn't mean he didn't know how to RIDE! Us Cravens kids have been on ATVs since we were 4 and Jimmy was just so darn fast on his dirtbike.

Raising money to help find a cure for pediatric brain tumors by getting a bunch of people together to ride motorcycles is definetly something Jimmy would have done.

Donating online is the easiest way, and it is simple, safe and secure.

Offline donors include- Hapcor: $500, Gene McQuaide: $50, Bob & Loretta Higgins: $25, Butler, Buckley, Deets Inc.: $250, Mary Zucker: $25, Tony & Marlene Farinas: $25, Terry & Jim Horner: $100, Tara & Jo Baron: $20, Jim & Peggy Craven

Thank you for caring and wanting to make a difference.

Let's get one step closer, together, to finding a cure.


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