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I missed my goal by 1 hot dog. I ate 24 despite feeling really crappy the morning of the contest. Huge thanks to the incentive offered by Ah_Pook, who promised to donate $1000 if I hit my goal. And even bigger thanks for Ah_Pook for donating $525 despite the fact I missed the 25 hot dog mark.

P.S. I won the contest and am going to Coney Island for the Nathan's Finals on the 4th of July. I'm using the bonus contest to continue to fundraise both here (for the kids of Sudan) and at (for the global water crisis). 

Thanks to everyone who joined this effort. Your support means the world to me!
Original text:

On June 9, I'm going to attempt to do something very difficult...

I'm going to eat 25 hodogs in 10 minutes...

Ridiculous? Yes. I'm planning to compete in MLE's Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest qualifier in Tempe, AZ. 25 hot dogs is my a goal, and I'm going to do everything in my power to achieve it. Plus, that's the EASY goal.

My other goal.... 

To help the kids of Sudan have a brighter future.

The people of Southern Sudan are poor, illiterate, and have been through way more than any person ever should. Their country has been ravaged by back-to-back civil wars that brought with them a horrible genocide. The society has been ripped apart, and the kids are the ones who suffer most.

In Southern Sudan, only 1,600 schools exist for 1.6 million children. Only 1/4 of adults are literate (and worse, only 1/10 of women). Without access to education, the people will only see their poverty, illness, and suffering continue.

Please help me in this effort to fund schools and public healthcare efforts in Southern Sudan. This fundraising effort will support the Deng Ater Foundation, which was started by a fellow Tucson resident, who is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and exile of Duk County.  The Foundation's ultimate goal is to build 3 schools in 3 townships of Duk County, but they also realize that the area needs more than just schools.

The Foundation has already proven their commitment to helping the Sudanese people in a variety of ways. 

Mr. Ater has already held public healthcare and education clinics on the topics of:
   AIDS education and prevention
   Malaria education and prevention
   Guinea Worm edcucation and prevention (a waterborne illness)
   Land Mine Risk education and prevention (a real result of the civil wars)

They have also distributed medical supplies to the local clinic, and recreational supplies (such as soccer balls) to the local schools that already exist.

They are also working on a current initiative to drill a clean water well for the community. (You already know how much I love clean water!)

Last year, with your help, I used my weird eating talents to raise almost $1300 to help bring clean water to places that desperately needed it. It was only possible because of you all. And your humbling support of my efforts.  This year, please consider helping in this equally worthy cause.

This is my Dog-a-thon for the Kids of Sudan.

Please consider donating $1 for every dog I plan to eat. If just 40 people donate $25, we can reach our goal of $1000. Or, if you don't think I'll reach 25, you can donate for every dog you think I can/will eat. Or, if you can't afford that much money (I empathize!) you can even donate 25 cents, or 5 cents per dog. Any amount helps.

I want to be up there at the Nathan's table knowing that every hotdog counts. I'll be pushing myself to help make this a reality. Not just for my stomach, but for these kids, and their community.

Thank you for considering helping. And for reading this til the end.

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