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Joshua Dowell's Page

Greetings from Joshua Dowell Achalam aka Mighty Joshua

I'm dedicated to making a difference in this world, and proud to raise awareness for things I feel passionately about. As many of you know I have musical roots in African percussion, after exposure to Djembe and Djun Djun drums they became a part of my playing repertoire along with Didgeridoo. Reaching people through music means so much to me, and so does having the opportunity to work closely with non-profit organizations both locally and globally. Being blessed with family, friends, and fans that support me in following my dreams has inspired me to share this journey. Bringing awareness of the H.I.V pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa and its effect on families is a key concern of mine, I work directly with the Makindu Children's Program in Kenya and have raised money for them for over 10 years. This August I along with about 7 others will embark on a Proper Walk through Kenyan bush traveling over 150 miles on foot to bring attention to this cause. I feel a responsibility to the children of Africa, I never wanna go home empty handed. There are numerous ways you can support this movement, one way is to donate what you can monetarily. I am responsible for raising $10,000. A little goes a long way, if you can't donate right now, please help by sharing this link. Thank you so much for taking a moment of your time to read this message.

Continual love!

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