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2009 Climb to Cure Duchenne - Climbing Team

Mt. Rainier, Washington

Mindy Cameron's Fundraising Page

                                        2009 Climb to Cure Duchenne

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.  As many of you know, my son Christopher has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the world's leading genetic killer of boys and young men.  During the 5 years since his diagnosis, Duchenne has presented me with the greatest emotional, intellectual, and spiritual challenges of my life.  Now it has become the reason for my greatest physical challenge as well.  I am climbing Mt. Rainier in August in a fundraising drive to save my son.  I will be part of a team of fellow DMD parents, friends, and scientists who are at the forefront of Duchenne research.  We are doing this because the time has come to Cure Duchenne.   We are on the brink of several therapies that have the potential to change the outcome of Duchenne for my son and the thousands of other boys afflicted with this devastating and cruel disease.   The money raised from this climb will go directly toward research projects aimed at saving THIS generation of Duchenne patients. 

Now, I know a lot of you may be thinking that climbing a 14,441 foot glacier is not something you would normally associate with me.   I can tell you that Duchenne has made me do all kinds of things I never thought I was capable of and this is just another one of those things.  If the going gets tough for me on the side of that ice covered rock, I will get through it by remembering how difficult each of my son's steps become as this disease destroys his muscles and his heart.   I can assure you all that I will get to the summit of Mt. Rainier and I will think of all of you and my wonderful life and family as I look out on the world.

My goal is $14,410, a dollar for every foot of Mt. Rainier.   No donation is too small.  Donors of $5,000 or more will have their names or company logos printed on the "2009 Climb to Cure Duchenne" summit banner. 

My heartfelt thanks, 


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Mindy Cameron's Fundraising Page
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