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Education and Visitors' Center

Education and Visitors' Center

Help us prepare the Conservators' Center's new  Education and Visitors' Center for a Grand Opening!

The Governor's Club community in Chapel Hill moved into a brand new office, and in the spirit of keeping their new construction as green as possible, they have donated the existing one to us. Architect Keith Shaw was key in making this donation a reality for us.  It is over 3000 square feet, more than twice the size of the current office/volunteer and visitor space in use at the Center.

The building has arrived at Conservators' Center and has been assembled and roofed. We have upgraded to High efficiency windows and other features to help us keep the long term environmental impact of the building as low pas possible, and to make it as cost efficient as it can be.

This donated building will house our gift shop, offices, restrooms, a volunteer area, a kitchen, and even a full sized classroom capable of holding thirty students. The roomy deck outside will be a meeting place for tours and a terrific venue for events. An expanded parking area will give us plenty of room for the schoolchildren's busses to pull through, and for weekend visitors to have plenty of room to park.

We are in the final push to finish the interior. Generous local donations and reduced materials prices have given us flooring, paint and furniture for the building. John Tokarczyk has filled in the contractor's role for the whole building setup, selecting and coordinating the professional services necessary, and doing many of the tasks himself and with his wife, Janine, and work groups who have assisted them.

We have been very fortunate to have support from iContact employees and other work groups, including many of our regular weekend volunteers, to help us in this huge endeavor. Without their hours of dedicated labor we would have paid a great deal more to get the building ready to host visitors and programs.

The laregest remaining expenses we have left before being able to open the building for the public are the parking lot preparation and rock, and the minimal landscaping we need to make everything look finished. A local landscape architect has donated his services for planning out the exterior look and parking lot. Now we just need to make his vision a reality!

If you have any questions about donating to support this project, please contact me directly at

Donating through this FirstGiving website is simple, fast and totally secure. Any money donated beyond our goal amount will go to support the ongoing costs of maintaining the new center and outfitting our new classroom with furniture and technology.

Thank you for helping us to accept this amazing gift of a building -- and please forward this to anyone else who you think might want to donate!

Mindy Stinner, Executive Director

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Education and Visitors' Center
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