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The youngest of four children and raised in the public housing sector of southwest Atlanta, GA I often felt the pressures of having very little when it came to clothing and shoes.  I remember when I was in the 7th grade my mother bought me a pair of cloth all white shoes and I would take egg paint and paint the shoes a different color to coordinate with my limited outfits and then would wash them with bleach to repeat the process daily.  The constant wear of the washer caused the shoes to tear and ruined my plan of seamlessly alluding my friends into believing I had a host of shoes.

After high school I continued my journey of illusion throughout college by borrowing my roommates clothes until one day I realized that there were many across the globe that are journeying daily to work and school without the proper necessities necessary to assist them in fulling their destiny. 
After hearing the testimony of Manny Ohonme at the University City Church in Charlotte, NC I knew one day that I would serve with him and his organization assisting the undeserved. After receiving an offer to travel to Lima, Peru with pastor Michael A. Stevens, Sr. and Samaritans Feet organization I was able to capture the crisis that many face across the globe and witness first hand the challenges those families endure daily.
Seeing the smiles on the children and hearing the stories of their families compelled me to want to dive deeper into assisting families to enjoy warm footing.
Having the opportunity to serve as a Barefoot Ambassador will allow me to assist Samaritans Feet in reaching their goal of outfitting 10 million undeserved individuals and communities with shoes and allow me to connect with more families like those I encounter in Lima.
It is a humbling and fulfilling experience to be apart of this phenomenal campaign and I look forward to rallying Americans to donate their time and money for this cause.
I travel around the country educating, encouraging, and empowering people to discover their worth, overcome adverse situations and achieve personal and professional goals while charting their own financial destinies. I am excited to be able to offer those I encounter the opportunity I was afforded years ago to serve with the Samaritans Feet Organization.
Join me and countless others as we pledge to make a difference in lives across the globe and give lucrative voices to those without one.
"Horses are so focused on the finish line that they have no desire to stare at the starting gate. Today declare you will no longer focus on what didn't happen yesterday or what could happen tomorrow yet be more incline to explore what can and will happen today"--Mo Stegall
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