2011 Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon


2011 Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon

Nashville, Tennessee

2011 Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon

Ken and I would like to thank you very much for visiting our fundraising page and making a donation.  Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure.

It's hard to believe that it has been 6 years since I was first diagnosed with Sjogren's (pronounced "show-grins").  For those of you not familiar with this little known, yet severely disabling disease, it is one of the most prevalent autoimmune diseases in the country (second only to Rheumatoid Arthritis) with no known cause or cure.  Sjogren's affects over 4,000,000 Americans with 9 out of 10 being woman.  The damage to the human body can be devastating and the challenges presented to the entire family daunting.   What it takes to train and run a full Marathon pales when compared with the challanges Sjogren's patients face on a daily basis.  Your donation will assist the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation with their efforts to find a cure as well as a protocol that will better treat those with the disease.

Once again, Ken and I would like to thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our efforts.  With out your support there would be no Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation.

Training up-date:  We are now into our 4th week of training and have logged over 50 miles of running.  In addition we cross train 2 days a week which includes a high intensity workout  for core strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and over all fitness.  Our training program is 16 weeks long and has us logging over 250 miles of running in addition to the cross training.   We will continually up-date this web-site with our fundraising and training progress.

Week 5 of our training just started with such wonderful news.  Our son Tom and his wife Wendy gave birth to a baby girl at 8:21pm on Tuesday February 8th.  Her name is Zoe and she weights 7lbs.   Needless to say with that good news we took a couple days off to welcome our new granddaughter into this world.  We already started to spoil her... 

We are entering week eight which will be the half way point of our training.  This is where we continually add miles to our long runs.  On Monday we have a 13 mile run and each week thereafter we add miles until we hit the 20 mile run.  The building of miles is the most difficult but the most important part of trainig for a Marathon.  Not only are you building miles, but you also have the tempo & pace runs in additon to the 2 days of crossfit training.  Things are going well and we look forward to meeting the rest of "Team Sjogren's in Nashville.  We also want to thank each and everyone of you for your generous donations and inspirational notes.

Well we just finished our last long run and boy was it a long run...20miles.   We now get to enter the tapering part of training which means less miles at a slower pace.  It's hard to believe that we have two more weeks of training and that we leave for  Nashville in justs 15 days.  Neeless to say the both of us are excited to meet the rest of "Team Sjogren's" and then run the "Country Music Marathon" for the second time.  We do hope to improve our time over the 2009 results.  Once again, thanks to everyone for their support...we sure need it...                                                                      

One more short run left and our training will be complete.   We leave this Tuesday and will be driving to Nashville and then on Saturday we will be running the Nashville Country Music Marathon with "Team Sjogren's".   All the best to everyone and  "Happy Running"...Anne & Ken





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2011 Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon
Nashville here we come.Go Team Sjogren's